5 Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Post It Notes of New Year's Resolutions

Need help keeping your New Year’s Resolution?

Most people are able to keep their New Year’s Resolution until the end of January, but 80% of people give up by the middle of February. These mobile apps can help you stay on track for the top 5 New Year’s resolutions.

1- Eat Less/ Lose Weight – My Fitness Pal

iOS & Android
This is a great app for keeping track of your food intake. It is super easy to scan a barcode or just type in the name of the food to search the database. Just keeping track of your food helps reduce the amount you eat, so start by tracking your food, and then look at reducing.

2 – Exercise More – Zombies, Run!

Free, but subscription for membership
iOS & Android
There are so many apps for running and exercise, but there’s only a few for someone who isn’t already an athlete. This one is a blast because it turns exercise into an audio adventure game where you are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse!

3 – Save Money – YNAB – You Need a Budget

Free for 34 days, $83.99 a year, which works out to $6.99 a month.
iOS & Android, Web, Alexa, Apple Watch
It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. You will save at least $6.99 a month in how much you save using the app. YNAB helps you decide what you WANT to do with every dollar you earn and helps you to actually do what you want to do with it. So instead of living paycheck to paycheck and panicking when something on your car breaks, you’ll already have a little money set aside for your car repair budget to fix it. And if you want to save up for something like a big vacation, this can help you plan for that. If you’ve ever wanted to use the “envelope system“, but found using cash too cumbersome, this app is amazing.

4 – Cook more meals at home – Mealime

Free, with premium option
iOS, Android and Web
This app is your kitchen manager. It takes over meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. It takes into account your preferences, your allergies and helps you comes up with a plan for the week. Then, it gives you a shopping list that helps you reduce waste, and when you’re ready to cook, it walks you through the preparation.

5 – Spend More Time With Friends and Family – Moment

Free, with paid premium option
iOS only, Android is coming soon
Find out how much you are using your phone, what apps you are using most and get helpful tips on how to reduce your phone usage. You can also keep track of your family’s usage so that the whole family can wean off of the screen time.