Going on a Road Trip This Summer? Check Out These Four Apps to Make the Trip Better!

Did you catch our General Manager, Ray Hollister, on River City Live this week talking about apps for the car? Here’s the list of apps he mentioned during the segment. All of these apps are free and available on iOS and Android.

Waze App LogoWaze

Find the best route home or to work based on real-time current traffic. Find out about accidents, traffic backups and police activity on the route, and share information with the community when you’re the first one on the scene. Apple Maps and Google Maps get all of their real-time traffic data from Waze, so Waze always has the best, most current information.

Glympse Logo IconGlympse

Meeting someone and want to let them know you’re on your way? Send them a Glympse by text. A Glympse is a link that lets them follow you on the map, so they can see right where you are. If they have the app too it will open the Glympse app on their smartphone and they can watch as you arrive. If they don’t have the app, it will just open a web browser and do the same thing. It makes it super convenient for your less tech-savvy friends, family and clients. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll automatically stop sharing your location.

GasBuddy LogoGasBuddy

Find the cheapest gas prices in the area or near your route. You can also earn chances to win free gas by reporting the price at your gas station.

Drivermatics Logo IconDriverMatics

Turn your smartphone into a dash cam and black box. If you are the unfortunate victim of an accident, you’ll have video of the accident and information from the GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors in your phone to give to your insurance company and authorities. And if you see something hilarious or crazy happen while you’re out on the road, you can upload it to Facebook and YouTube later.