Websites to Help Your Kid Stay Pumped During the Summer Slump

The summer time is great time for your kids to rest their minds, but if they rest too much it makes it harder to get back into the swing of things next school year. Here are a few websites your kids will enjoy that will also keep their mind in great shape to avoid the summer slump.

Tons of videos of their favorite PBS KIDS shows, but also a bunch of interactive games and puzzles.

Remember those Highlights magazines? If you were lucky your parents would get you a subscription. If not, you’d always see them at the doctor’s office. The magazine is still around, after 72 years, but they also have a website full of games, articles and fun experiments too!

Videos about wild animals, bugs, snakes and sea creatures and fun code breaking, brain teasers, history and geography games.

Children’s books read by some of your favorite movie and television actors like Chris Pine reading Clark the Shark, Kristen Bell reading Quackenstein Hatches a Family, James Earl Jones reading To Be a Drum, and Viola Davis reading Rent Party Jazz.

If you’re lucky and you’re kid is like I was and just doesn’t want to stop learning, you don’t even have to sugar coat it! Just enroll them in a free course on Khan Academy. They can study math, science, computer coding and arts, humanities, and even college test prep all for no cost.