Laptop Screen Replacement

Broken Laptop ScreenBold City IT can replace your cracked laptop screen and save your investment. We charge one small flat fee for all laptop screen replacements, and the majority of broken PC laptop screens can be replaced on-site in under 45 minutes, getting you back up and running fast. No one will even be able to tell that your laptop screen was broken.

Call Bold City IT today to set up an appointment to get your laptop screen fixed today at 904-638-8863.

The sound of a laptop screen breaking is gut wrenching. Many people assume that they have to keep using a laptop with a broken screen because it cannot be repaired. A lot of people also believe that when a laptop screen breaks their laptop is completely ruined. People throw out their laptops all the time because of a broken screen. Landfills have tons of laptops in them where the only thing wrong with them is a broken screen. It doesn’t have to be this way! We can fix your broken laptop screens!