Data Recovery

DataRecoveryLosing important files can be a traumatic experience, whether they are documents that you are legally required to maintain or are priceless photos of your family. There is no substitute for having a solid automated back up system in place; however, lost files can be recovered even if they have been deleted from the Recycle Bin or your hard drive has been formatted. If you’ve lost files on your computer due to accidental deletion or formatting of a hard drive, immediately stop using your computer to prevent it from overwriting where the lost files are still on your hard drive, and call Bold City IT at 904-638-8863 so we can get your lost data restored.

The second largest cause of data loss is from physical damage like heat, impact and power surge. Bold City IT is partnered with multiple data recovery companies around the region that can restore data from your hard drive if it has been physically damaged. Call Bold City IT at 904-638-8863. We’ll explain your options and help you get your lost data back.