Malware, Spyware & Virus Removal

VirusWordCloudComputer viruses, malware, spyware, botware, adware, scareware, Trojan horses, worms. There’s a lot of different kinds of infections your computer can get, but they all have one thing in common: you don’t want them on your computer. No matter what kind of unwanted software your computer has on it, Bold City IT can detect it and get rid of it and help you keep it off of your computer while protecting your valuable data. For one low flat fee, Bold City IT will pick up your computer and run it through an intensive and thorough scan for all known unwanted software, remove them, and deliver your computer back to you up and running and clean. We will also set you up with the latest highly rated antivirus software and show you how to avoid getting infected in the future.

Virus removal can be done all on site as well for faster service. Either way, Bold City IT will make sure that you are running a safe, healthy, secure computer that you can trust to do your banking, business or for just browsing the web.

Call Bold City IT today for at 904-638-8863 or click here to book Bold City IT for a Virus Removal and let us get your computer running right.